January 20, 2015


Before the Bahamas, where I was sailing during November and December 2014, I flew to Los Angeles, California for a week and then boarded a plane to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the annual Miami boat show. 

Not much new I can tell you about California. It was very stunning as usual and the middle of October is a nice time to explore the coast.

Here is few highlights of my journey. 

The first day I spent relaxing, exploring Santa Monica and Venice beach, local art and music.

Next day I visited Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and was designed by Frank Gehry, the acoustics designed by Yasuhisa Toyota, opened in 2003. After the last few years at sea I really appreciate opportunity to listen an amazing music in such a magnificent place. 

Next I spent a day on Rodeo Drive. And who wouldn't  want to feel like a “pretty woman” once in a while?  What was really confusing to me, was that so many fat and not so looking good people were around? I  felt like I was in a huge MacDonald’s!  But actually I was on the most famous and most expensive street in US, if not in the World…

The day came to a close and the  sun slowly was going down, the crowd changed from “cheese burgers” slinging fatties to super fancy sexy chicks on high heels and with Chanel or Birkin in the hand. And the night began…

My friend Steven, super-awesome-best guide ever, was showing me around. He made a very cool surprise and made the reservation for the dinner in Mr. Chow Beverly Hills, a very famous chines restaurant, opened in 1974.  Art, celebrity and superb cuisine all blend together in this stylish restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills. We had a blast and even saw Pamela Anderson. I have to tell, she is breathtaking beauty in real life! I don’t know how the paparazzi can take such a bad shots…
Next day I explored Getty Center. It was my first time, I was amazed, that is totally free, except parking fee. Going up from parking to museum is by monorail and was exciting. You can easily spend all day there, there plenty to see and to explore. The architecture , gardens, and the views overlooking Los Angeles. It is well worth the visit. I can’t compare to Hermitage or Louver, because they have such large collections of treasures, but it is still unique and spectacular place. I enjoyed my day very much.

For the weekend Steven took me to Santa Barbara and Montecito. What a beautiful place. I completely fell in love! It has its own spirit and feels like a mixture of Europe and US. The restaurants are superb and maybe even better than in Napa Valley. 

For my last day Steven showed me Newport Beach, his backyard.

More pics with the comments you can find in Album California, Oct 2014

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January 13, 2015

Finally pics from the Bahamas Nov, 13- Dec, 14

I've just uploaded the pics with the comments from my last trip to the Bahamas, Nov-Dec 2014.

Click on the link below to see more!!

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