April 25, 2015

#Torres Islands #Vanuatu March, 2015

We set sail after lunch on 27th of March, from Utupua Is, Santa Cruz, Solomon's to Torres, Vanuatu. It is about 120 miles away. With low wind, we arrived early morning, the sun was coming up, when we saw the land. We tried to anchor at Hiu Island, the first one on our way, but it was to deep, over 100ft, so we've continue sailing to Tegue Is and anchored there with nobody around. The village is locate on other side of the island. The true paradise was just for 2 of us.

Next morning we explored our bay on Tegue Is on SD, we went to and used our onboard helicopter (drone) to take few shots from the air. 

Next we drove dink to Ngwel Island. The water is such an amazing color of turquoise blue there, so tempting and warm. Even if you don't want to swim, you will!

The following day we explored the underwater world given the incentive to dive to recover a mask and snorkel that fell overboard the previous afternoon, which I left on the steps. My bad! I had not dove in over a year since Palau where I was for 3 weeks in May, 2014.  We decided just jump from the back of the boat and see where that mask went. The visibility was very good and we could easily see the bottom 25 meters down and we saw the local sharks who came and said hello, a ray,  few napoleon and many reef fish, even one huge rusted anchor over 3 meters long stuck in a reef. Damn mask disappearing! I almost was killed by angry bird Captain Pedro! Luckily I can run fast))

During the next day 3 local fisherman came to say hi and to ask to trade for fishing lures, we talked a bit and Pete made his special marlin and tuna catchers for them.  I guess guys did not expect such good ones, so they asked us, do we like coconut crabs, hell YES!  They spent few hours hunting them on the island and later back with 3 huge still alive crabs which would hardly fit in our largest pot. Needless say I was very happy since after all it is my favorite food in the world. I felt a bit guilty to eat such a rare spices, but there are still plenty of them in wild places as Torres Islands...

We awoke on 1st of April and Pete said he wanted to kite and go fishing on his birthday and that we should sail to Ureparapara (there is little Rowa Is near by - an excellent spot for kiting).  I would have liked to stay longer than 4 days and explore the other 3 islands of Torres, but I gave in and said "Sure, Honey". We set sail to Bank's and put 4 fishing poles in the water, hoping to have a nice catch for Birthday dinner!  The seas were rough and the winds were not totally cooperating making sailing challenging so Pete let me take a nap for a few hours.  My sleep was interrupted when Capt Pedro yelled "Fish On"! and 30 minutes later we landed a nice 30 something pound Spanish Mackerel, our first fish since the Solomon's. 

live your dream,
Daria Friday
PS: more pics in Album Torres, Vanuatu, 2015