July 21, 2014

My 4th anniversary!

Guess, who is on this pics?
Exactly 4 years ago, on 21st of July, 2010 I started the biggest and longest adventure in my life. 
My first stop was New York city for a week, next Colorado Springs… I still remember very clear those days, like it was yesterday… For past 4 years I've learnt a lot, I guess more then for the rest of my life… I saw many-many countries, I sailed many-many miles and met many-many people. 
I am so grateful for every single day, even some of them were hard lessons. I want to thank God for leading me through my crazy life, safely and happily. I've always felt his presence and it helped a lot. I feel blessed! Thank God for all those days and all new friends, for all love and all experiences, they are priceless!

Live your dream,