March 3, 2014

#Forgive me!

Hello everyone,

I flew to St-Petersburg, Russia few weeks ago to see my family and friends.
 Today is a big holiday in Orthodox Church - Forgiveness Sunday, also called Cheesefare Sunday, is the final day of pre-Lent. It is the Sunday after Meatfare Sunday and the Sunday before the Sunday of Orthodoxy.
The last week was a week of Maslenitsa or Pancake week. Usually Russian people visit each other during the whole week and cook and eat a lot of pancakes.
On this day there is a very kind tradition - we ask for pardon and forgive each other for all evil and wrong things we have done to each other. In such a way you 'become clean' from all your sins - when you receive an excuse and forgive those who did wrong to you.

In Russian we use to say the following
- Прости меня! - Forgive me
- Бог простит, и я прощаю, и ты меня прости! - God forgives you and I will forgive, please forgive me too!

Next day after the Forgiveness Sunday in Orthodoxy comes the Great Lent, the fasting time before the Easter which lasts 40 days and the Passion week.

So today was the last day for any kind of meat, eggs, any milk products. My Mum and I ate a lot of pancakes :) of course with caviar :)

Bon appetite!