April 7, 2013

What's up Bob?

Hey Bob,
We are a Ngulu Atoll our last stop in Micronesia! We got here yesterday morning and were greeted by George the Ranger for the preserve. Daria asked about coconut crabs and george and his son went to the island after coffee and caught us four huge ones that yielded a 2 quart bowl full of meat after we cooked them!
Anyways the reports about Yap being difficult and expensive are all false! It cost us $75 total to clear in/out and we had free internet all week that was amazingly fast 24 hours a day! the clearing process is strait forward and you just call the port captain on ch 16 and he arranges everything. The report that other boat gave was a bunch whooie and we were treated nicely. If anyone would have trouble it would have been us since we stopped at 7 islands after Pohnpei!
The town is small and shopping can be done, just watch the dates on the packages since most every thing is old!
We will sail to Palau late this afternoon and should arrive by morning. Oh and the latest fishing report!
The purple/pink squid strikes again!! This time I left two poles out at night just for fun..At around 11 pm on a pitch black moonless night we get a strike! Something huge too!! I am like what could it be and fought for an hour to get it to the boat. Then the leader finally starts winding on the reel and we see a 8 foot sword fish! The bill must have been over 3 feet long and i was wondering how the heck I was going to get it aboard! I got a gaff into it and pulled but it was just too big to lift and the gaff ripped out! I re-gaffed and the fish kept fighting and we finally got the boat stopped and I was attempting to get a line on the tail when the gaff came out again and we lost the fish after all that hard work!
Then the line with a yellow feather that was just dangling short has something on it? A foot long squid attacked it while it was dangling in the lit up water! Calamari anyone!
one last thing...we had an intruder last night!! Daria woke me up saying: "There is someone on the boat"! I got up and looked around thinking what a bunch of crap we are anchored on a uninhabited island! Well in the morning we found the intruder...a black seabird had flown into an open port on the far side of the boat and was disoriented and still trying to get out bouncing off the walls. I thew a towel over it and let it go.
Pedro and Daria

PS: we will post stories about Woleai, Ulithi and Yap in few days from Palau!

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