March 27, 2013

Re: What up Bob?

We have been doing quite a lot of island hopping! We spent some time in Woleai and it was one of the best so far! We left with no fewer than 50 leis and flower head bands! They were very generous with the tuba also! whewww got a lots drunk with them a few times... if you can imagine that happening....???
We are now in Ulithi (Asor) atoll and hooked up with a few guys who took us to their island 7 miles away to catch for Daria coconut crabs. SD made the bash 7 miles across the atoll to the small islands on the west side and the hunt was on and they found for us 7 crabs! Afterwards we went back to Downtime and they downed a bottle of Bounty Rum and were just a little drunk when they left the boat!
If you are heading this way... epoxy and cloth will get you traded for anything you want! 4 of the last 5 islands asked for some to repair boat bottoms that had cracks...They also like books, news papers to roll tobacco in, coffee, spices, soy sauce, rice, and C & D size batteries.
Sadly the women are back to wearing tops and the boobie show is over.....When we get to Palau I am going set up a shell selling store to lighten up Downtime with all the shells we have been given! WE FINALLY HAD TO SAY NO MORE SHELLS!
We will spent the rest of the week here and then head to Yap. I think when you clear out you need to tell them what islands you plan to stop at and avoid any trouble clearing in at Yap like we are anticipating.... We have spent way more time than planned but still have time left on the cruising permit...that is if it is 90 days...ours had a typo and only gave us 60?
We caught our tuna close to outer reefs in deep and yellow seem to get em biting! Some guys say all red is good also...We had our first quadruple mahi hookup with a shark chaser!! He didn't get much and we got them all aboard! We also caught our first Wahoo since New cal on the pink/purple squid the marlin also like.
When you get to Lamotrek get ready to be asked to fix a few hand held CB radios....I have no clue how or where to start on such a task but i told them Bob is an electrical engineer and is heading your way! Good luck!
Other than that Downtime has been staying together and I am at the point where I am almost afraid...It has been the longest streak with out something major breaking in the last 5 years!

Daria says hello and I look forward to seeing you at that Micro Brewery in Palau!

Captain Pedro

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