February 23, 2013

Hello from #Lukunor Atoll!

We will set sail today for the next island to the west. Lukunor was very friendly and there are about 1000 people living on this little piece of land! Who knows what they all do all day? May be that is why there so many kids!

Any who, the fishing has been amazing and Mahi are biting on Yellow, yellow/green squid baits 4-6 inch long. We had a wildcard out there a pink bubble head feather jig and a 200 plus pound marlin took hold of it and did a amazing dance for us flying back and forth behind the boat trying to shake the bait. About the time we furled the sail and I was tightening the drag he did one more tail dance and the hook popped out of his mouth and he got away. I am glad he got off because I sure did not want to deal with another fish that big and feisty on Downtime! A while later another much smaller marlin took a yellow/white bait and was on for about 5 minutes before he threw the hook. Then the grand finale, three poles got hit at the same time with Mahi on them. Two of the three made it aboard to make 5 Mahi landed for the day. One Mahi, 2 Marlin and a Wahoo got away! Sharpen those hooks and get ready for some amazing fishing!

Yesterday afternoon the locals started showing up in their outrigger canoes and at one point we had 4 tied up to the back of Downtime with 12 people aboard. Mostly kids, but one brave adult came out and he hit the jackpot! He had brought out his broken portable DVD player to see if I could fix it. He was in luck! I might not be the electrical engineer you are but I dug out a old player we have not used for years and gave it to him and made his day. He wound up trading us several shells and other hand made items for our treasure chest. The kids ate candy like they never seen it before and the older ones all sported a new pair of sunglasses when they left Downtime.

The pass between the islands reminded me of Likiep Atoll and the winds were just right for two days of kite surfing!

This morning Joe the guy I gave the DVD player to shows up with the biggest stalk of bananas we have ever seen and asks Daria if she would like him and his cousins to go catch some coconut crabs for her? Silly question!! Daria offered to give them all a ride to the next island over in SD and gave them a radio to call her when they had a sack full. They caught the crabs while I kited and the local kids sat on the boat eating candy and watching me. Now we have 50 pounds of bananas, 50 or so coconuts to drink, a sack full oranges and crabs and some handmaid gifts and a whole bunch of new sea shells to add to the pile we already have.

We have to get out of here before they eat all our candy!! The kids on the next island will appreciate that! We are heading NW about 280 miles and will keep you posted.
Pete and Daria

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