January 21, 2013

Ailinginae Atoll #Marshalls

We've just arrived to Ailinginae Atoll, which is 30 miles west of Rongelap. It was the most pleasant passage since sailing to Tonga, 2011... And we caught the biggest fish A 80 pound Yellow Fin Tuna! The biggest fish since our 300 pound Blue Marlin, Fiji, 2011...

We are anchored next to small deserted atoll and there is so much action :)

It is very beautiful here and reminds me of the Tuamotus a lot!

While Pete was cleaning the huge fish on the back of the boat 20 medium size sharks (3-6 foot) came to say Hello! I did some pics and cool video footage! (I will publish them when we will have Internet).

Pete told me: " I can feed the sharks and you should take our new underwater camera and put your hand underwater and take video and pics!"
I answered him... " I've got better idea, I will feed sharks and you take a video!" :)
Pete: " Tomorrow I will put a stick to the camera and we will take a video!"
I: " Hmmm.. well.. definitely it is a good idea!"

hope to talk to my family and friends in few days from Kosrae, Federation State of Micronesia!

all is good on Downtime,
Daria and Pete

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