May 7, 2012

Land Ho!!!! and another fish story...

On our last post we were 48 miles out and still being tossed around like a cork in a 55 gallon drum!
When we were 26 miles out we hooked a submarine or a REALLY huge fish!! the 2000 feet of line never slowed down as it screamed off the Shimano 60 TLR!! We finally turned the boat around and started chasing this monster that had my favorite bait in his mouth. The line went slack for a second and then SNAP!!! The beast broke the 200 Lb. leader! It had to be one huge marlin!!

An hour later we had another "Fish On" but luckily this one was much smaller in the 200 pound range. Thankfully we were able to let this beautiful fish go and fight another day because I REALLY did not want to eat marlin for the next three months!

                                                                              We were tied to a mooring ball by noon and were able to clear in with little hassle. We used a couple hundred gallons of fresh water to put the pounds of salt we had been collecting on our way here and by 5 steaks were smokin on the grill. The trip will not soon be forgotten and we are happy to finally be somewhere warm with clear blue water under our keels.
Pedro is paddle kayak to clear in

We will spend a few days here in Niue diving and then it will be off to Tonga
Downtime and her crew