May 3, 2012

Downtime day 5 Fish On!!!

Hello from Downtime!

ловись рыбка большая и ооочень большая!!!
We will start with the highlights of the day! At about noon a nice sized Mahi-Mahi took hold of one of our yellow and green squid baits and we had "Fish On!". We gave Super Steve the pole for his first ever Mahi experience. The fish was striping line off the Shamano 60 TLR with ease so we knew it was good size! Daria and I slowed the boat the best we could and Steve started working the fish. 30 minutes later we had a nice 30 pound Mahi on the deck taking his first and last shot of whiskey to put him down. (the fish not Steve). Steve was saying "Thank goodness it wasn't a marlin!"

that's nice! :)

Later we had a nice baked Mahi lunch about the same time we crossed the half way point of our journey with 720 miles under our keels.
At 5 am during the end of Steve's watch the winds started shifting to the south which was a welcome site and by 8 am we had the boat pointed north again. It was still bumpy but at least we were heading the right direction. By noon the seas had calmed and the winds were moving us northward at 7 to 8 knots, and apparently at the perfect fishing speed.
We have been sailing due north for almost 24 hours now with a 20 to 30 knot wind blowing us along at speeds up to 12 knots! (HAULLIN ASS!) Our position at 4 am this morning is 173.43 W 28.20 S and we have just under 600 miles to go until we reach Nuie.

next morning :)

Steve was not the only one to catch a fish today, At 11 pm Daria was hit in the neck with a nice sized may I add, flying Fish! You should have heard all that commotion!

Pedro is having fun with my fish )))

The last 12 hours have been a sleigh ride and we have averaged 10+ knots surfing down waves and making amazing miles. When the boat is moving this fast you hear the roar of the sea going by and waves gurgling under the belly as you pass over them while rooster tails are being kicked up behind.
The only bummer is that we will arrive on Saturday afternoon and have to wait until monday for why hurry? Because we CAN!

We hope you enjoy the adventure, until next time, Peace!
Downtimes crew: Capt. Pedro, Daria, Super Steve
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