May 2, 2012

Downtime day 4

Hello from Downtime!

Day 4 found us arriving early for our weather window...sometime going fast is not a good thing at sea. Day three we traveled 194 miles in 24 hrs. and Downtime has done this many mile only a few time since I owned her. The southerly winds had not built yet and we sailed into 12 hours of north winds which promptly turned our course due east.

For those of you just joining us here is a recap of the last few days.

We left NZ Sat the 28th Friday your time just before noon and set sail for places unknown.(to us anyways) The first few days were awesome sailing and then it turned into well...not so awesome... the wind was in our face out of the north and we turned east since we had to go north ...go figure. at one point the wind could have changed any direction and it would be better than what it was!
The north wind was not as bad as what it created...south bound waves!! It has been like driving over VW's for the last 18 hours! 1000's of them! At 2 am on the 4th day the wind finally changed back from south but forgot to tell the waves!! they are still heading the wrong way!
I guess the highlight of the day was that nobody puked! We have had the main and jib double reefed trying to keep the boat under 8 knots n 20 to 28 knot winds. (not easy) The fishing lines were out all day bouncing on top of the water but we had no luck landing a fish.

We will keep you posted, until then, Peace!
Downtimes crew, Capt. Pedro, Daria, Super Steve
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