May 1, 2012

Downtime day 3

Hello from Downtime!
sunrise, 6am

We are on day three of our adventure and moving east again with a north wind that developed at 1:00 am this morning. We had a nice west wind pushing us along a course of 040N for 24 hours strait and we covered just under 200 miles in 24 hrs. We would have hit that 200 mile day if the winds did not let up around 4 to 6 in the afternoon. We took that opportunity to rig the poles and give the lour's swimming lessons for a few hours in the crystal clear blue water.

sunrise, 7am
It is slowly warming up and we are 900 miles SSW from Nuie at 32.26 S 177.50 W and feeling confident we can made our destination with this much easting under our belt. We hope to be in the trade winds by this evening and continuing a more northerly course . As I write this we are cruising along at 8 to 10 knots on a NE course flying a single reefed main and a full jib sailing a beam reach in amazingly calm seas! The engines have been off for two days and we are having a clear warm weather.
The only highlight is that it is Steve's birthday again today! and we hope to be catching fresh fish for dinner!

We will keep you posted, until then, Peace!
Downtimes crew, Capt. Pedro, Daria, Super Steve
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