May 6, 2012

Day 8

Hello from Downtime day 8
We are down to 48 bottles of beer on the wall just 48 bottles of beer! The winds have finally calmed and are down to just 20 knots with 3 to 5 foot seas and we are just 48 miles from our destination!!
We are still flying a triple reefed main but have the jib all the way out pulling us along at 8 to 9 knots on a beam reach. We will have covered a little over 1450 miles in under 8 days, some kind of record for this sailor! This is the 2nd longest leg I have sailed on Downtime and lets face it 8 days is still too long to not see land!
We had continuing rain squalls all day yesterday with crazy seas. We would be sailing along and then it was like the chaos cycle was pushed and things got really rough and then 15 minutes later it would moderate. Squalls came through like clockwork all day and the cockpit was no place to be unless you needed another set of soaked salty clothes.
The way I see it is that if you can make a passage like this and not hit shore and run like mad away from anything floating then you are a sailor! It was just another one of those passages like back when I sailed to Bermuda and lost two crew when we tied up. They both swore that if they got back on the boat they were going to DIE!! It will be interesting to see if Steve still wants to go home and buy a boat and sail the Pacific? And to all you wives out there...if Hubby wants to buy a boat send him this way for a week and we will make sure he "REALLY" does!
Day 8 was a good day for Downtime with only minor breakage, the only thing was a batten (20 foot fiberglass rod) started sliding out of the sail cover I just had repaired in NZ.
We should be tied to a mooring ball and cleared in by noon and I am sure wont take long finding our way to land and do what sailors do best, find a bar and tell lies! ARG!!!!
Watch out Niue here we come!
Peace!! Downtime and her crew

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