May 4, 2012

Day 6 on Downtime

Hello from bouncy Downtime!

We were smooth sailing covering an amazing 209 miles in 24 hours and I guess mother ocean wanted us to slow down some. In our path she thew the wickedest waves I have seen in a while. The ocean looked like the pool at a Jenny Craig belly flop competition! Waves literally coming from every direction encouraged us to put another reef in (shorten Sail) and bring our boat speed down to a manageable 6 to 7 knots. All the time I swear Downtime was singing Chumbawumba's (I get knocked down but I get up again)
We have been bashing along ever since and it looks like the last 350 miles to Niue will more of the same. As I am writing this the winds have kicked up over 30 knots and we have shortened sail again. So much for fishing....I doubt it would be any fun cleaning them while waves wash over the transom!

It looks like we will arrive at first light on Saturday (with full diesel tanks Bob)

The highlights for the day started with a small electrical fire in my cabin in a light dimmer switch that was somehow was taking a saltwater shower without my permission? The old saying is there are boats that leak and boats that are going to leak! Luckily it was a small fire and we got it put out immediately...hmmm? small fire on a boat 500 miles from land? never good! Other than the small leak that started the trouble Downtime has been holding her own and doing a great job keeping us safe on this crazy passage!
This area of ocean is noted for having crazy weather and rough seas and I believe it now that we experienced it first hand, but I would have been just as content watching the discover channel version and having a smooth sail across.
Our position at 8 am was 24.51 S 172.18 W with 380 miles to destination.

Peace, Downtimes Crew, Pete, Daria,and Steve

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