March 12, 2011


Shortly about where we and what's going on!
After spending 3 weeks in Ecuador  Downtime and her crew of Daria, Wayne, Sara, Tom and myself sailed to the Galapagos! It took 5 days and over 500 miles. We only caught 2 small tunas along the way... and we were very disappointed. Now we are in San Cristobal, our first stop in the Galapagos Islands.
New girl, Yoana, flew in from France on the 9th to a nearby island.  So now there are 6 people on board, Downtime is full and we are ready to cross the Pacific, 3000 miles of open ocean!
San Cristobal is a beautiful island with green hills, a small valcano's in the middle with freshwater lake in  the crater! We visited turtle farm, they have been breeding turtles here for the past 8 years and have 40 turtles of various ages, from eggs to 100 years. There are a lot of seals everywhere :) in the water, on the beaches and even they jump on board without any invitation :)  especially during the night.
Yesterday was tsunami in Japan and every boat had to leave harbor and wait 5 miles offshore till 5-6 pm, we did not feel a wave but there was a higher tide than usual.  So we survive!
Tomorrow we will sail to next island Santa Cruz and after few days to Isabela Is!
Internet is really bad here, so we will try to post some pictures and stories as soon as possible! :)