December 19, 2010

Rio Dulce (Sweet River)

Hello Again,

Well I am spending a lazy Sunday afternoon catching up on my writing, I apologize to all our readers for leaving you with nothing to read for the last week.

We spent out last days in Belize heading south to the last town Punta Guorda. This is the last place to clear out of Belize and would serve as our hopping off point on our way to Honduras.

Before we left Belize we decided to take a trip to Rio Dulce, Guatemala a favorite spot for cruisers that spend summers there avoiding the Caribbean hurricanes. We fueled up Super Dink for the 35 mile trip to Guatemala! The first leg is 15 miles across the ocean to the entrance of the river. The mouth of the river is roughly 3/4 of a mile across and 6 to 7 feet deep. Livingston is positioned right at the mouth of the river. It is a fishing town with many fishing boats moored about. Continuing up the river we encountered many small dug-out canoes and small fishing boats. Life along the river looked timeless. Simple homes with thatched roofs built off the ground. The people here are friendly and everyone waves with a smile when you go by. After two miles the limestone banks of the river climb to 300 feet creating gorge. The river winds through the gorge and opens up to a lake over 2 miles wide. The lake goes for 8 miles before it narrows back to a river. Three more miles and you are arrive at Fonteras.

Fonteras is a market town. The streets are packed with vendors and the main highway goes right through it all. You have to be careful since the big trucks don't slow down much going through town. Fresh produce is available and fairy inexpensive. It seems the local diet consits of allot of corn and grains. There is fried chicken for sale from street vendors and little old ladies selling fresh tortillas.
We bought some fresh vegetables, local beer, and some other goodies. After seeing the town we loaded back in the dink for the journey back to Punta Gourda. It took two hours of bouncing over waves to get back to Downtime.

Guatemala is a beautifully country. The people are friendly and living is very inexpensive. All in all it is a great place to visit!!

Peace, the captain