December 9, 2010

Monkey River

Hello from Monkey River!!

Monkey river is a 15 mile "Super Dink" ride south of Placencia. The coast of Belize for the most part consists of shallow mangrove reefs. The charts are not very accurate so you have to be really careful navigating the waters.

We entered Monkey River and encountered wildlife immediately. First was mister turtle who gave a nice pose for the camera. A little further up the river we met a local and asked him "where's the monkeys?" No monkey along the river. You have to hike through the jungle to go see them. We passed on that since we forgot the bug spray. The bugs love Daria!! The no-see-ems are ferocious here!!

A little further up the river we met mister aligator!! We saw a lots of gators!! Most were small about two to three feet. This guy was the biggest about 6 feet long. They are very timid and do not let you get to close before swimming off. The river continued into the jungle about 5 miles. We saw cranes,egrids, buzzard and lots of smaller birds. There were a few more locals fishing and padling their small boats along the river.

Continuing up the river was like playing "where's Waldo" This Iguana was 30 feet up in a palm tree and just posed for a minute before taking cover. I guess tasting like a chicken would make you want to hide!! We never saw a orange Iguana before!! Our new Canon digital camera with the 250mm lense really takes great pictures!!

Two hours on the river was alot of fun! Time for some lunch on Downtime!!
Until the next adventure!! Peace!! The Captain