December 8, 2010

Downtime this is Downtime!!!

Hello again!

We arrived in Placentia mid morning on Dec 7th. We spent the previous night in Pelican Cay, A small mangrove cay about 10 miles from Placencia. It seems the entire coast of Belize was affected to some extent by the last hurricane that passed through 6 weeks ago. Placencia was no exception, several of the docks at the marina had been destroyed by the storm.

There were several boats anchored off of what was left of the marina. we steered to a open spot to drop anchor. Going around the back or a 50 foot trawler I noticed the name, Downtime!! Wow another Downtime!! This is only the second Downtime I have seen since I bought our Downtime.

Daria and I spent the rest of the morning taking Super Dink down the coast to Monkey River, which is a whole other story.

Back on Downtime, Walter the owner of the other Downtime came by in his dingy and invited us over for drinks later.

We went over for a sun downer a little after 5:30. Walter and Mary's Downtime is a Nordhaven 50 trawler, the top of the line of trawlers. These boats are made to drive around the world. Built tough and reliable. A truly beautiful machine!

Sitting on a aft deck we started discussing the name of the boat. I told Walter I bought the boat with the name on it from a guy named Josh Green. His face was surprised and he said " So did We"!!! What a coincidence!! Their Downtime was the boat Josh built prior to buying Our Downtime.

Josh Green is a wonderful guy! He put as much time and love into putting together their Downtime as he did ours. He really knows what needs to be on boats to make them function and stay together. The equipment he chooses is all the best and no expense is spared. We both had a trouble free experience buying boats from Josh. Buying a boat from Josh is better than buying a new boat, everything works!!

Later we went to a nice little Italian restaurant, Rumfish. The food was amazing and not very expensive. Diner for under 20 bucks!

Placencia is a small town, you can walk across it in 20 minutes. There is a nice beach with a few small hotels. Walking down the street we smelled the bakery!! We followed our nose's and bought some fresh Cinnamon rolls!!