November 9, 2010

Heading to Jamaica!

Hello again!
After spending a few days waiting for better weather we are ready to resume our way south. Hurricane Tomas passed the Bahamas a few hundred miles to the east. The result was a north cool 25 to 30 knot wind here the last few days.
Tim flew home on Monday the 8th. He was aboard since the beginning of the trip. Hows the weather in Indy Tim?
We have beautiful blue skies and warm weather today with a great forecast to sail south.
There are currently 4 dolphins swimming around Downtime and they have been here all morning! Two mamas with their babies.
Daria went swimming with them this morning and was giggling like a little girl when they swam close to her. Just amazing!!
We have two new crew coming aboard today Olaf and his Girlfriend Kristi. They will be aboard along with David all the way to Belize. We are anticipating a trip of three weeks to get there.
Hopefully we can get a Internet signal along the way and tell you some more highlights!!!