November 17, 2010

Found the fish!!

Hello everyone!
So after dragging lines some 800 miles We finally caught some nice fish! It seems you never need any thing until you throw it out, and you never catch fish until you buy fish the day before?
We stoped at a small cay at he bottom of the Bahama chain and traded some rum for a few nice grouper. The next day we set sail for Jamaica. The winds were light and we motored most the way. Just as we were coming up on Cuba's south-east side the fishing reels started screaming!!!! First we brought in a nice sized dorado/mahi. then a few minutes later another pole zipping out line!!! This fish was MUCH BIGGER!!! Kristi gave it a try and conceded to let me finish the fight!
We had just finished cleaning the first two fish and wham there is another!! WOW what a run!! This one was a Huge Mahi!!! Dave grabbed the pole and did a nice job landing this one!!
Freezer full and life is good!!